Freestanding Wig Stands Freestanding Wig Stands

Freestanding Wig Stands



Want to get the best shelf life from your wig? Then these wig stands are perfect!

We highly recommend purchasing a wig stand with your wig to keep it in great condition and to store you wig correctly!

Wig stands will help with:

- Preventing your wig becoming frizzy by allowing the fibre to fall naturally
- Preventing your wig becoming out of shape due to poor storage conditions
- Preventing fusty odours transferring to your wig from poor or cramped storage with little airflow - these stands allow air underneath the wig
- Showing your wig off to the world! (CC Clarke stores her wigs on wig stands pride of place on her dresser!) 

If you have any questions on these stand or on our wigs, please see our synthetic wigs FAQs

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