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Whether you’re thinking about buying your first wig or relatively new to wig-wearing, I’m here to bust fact from fiction.

There are things you might already know, but it might turn out that you actually only think you know. You know?

Believe it or not, there are a few myths out there when it comes to wearing a wig so make sure you’re clued up before you venture into this exciting world…

Castaway Beauty hazelnut curls brown synthetic wig

Castaway Beauty sorts the fact from the fiction (Credit: Castaway Beauty/ Hazelnut Curls Brown Synthetic Wig)

FICTION: Apply the wig and you'll be Instagram ready for at least a week!

FACT: Once glued and fixed in place, expect your wig to last three days maximum before you have to remove it and reapply. Don't believe what you hear on social media, as you aren't going to be working the perfect wig look eight days in after a trip to the gym and drinks with the girls. 

FICTION: You will NEVER see the lace!

FACT: Lace front wigs are ace. I mean, Castaway Beauty sell enough of them. But just sometimes, your lace might just show. Whether you've applied your lace wig too quickly or it's been on for too long, your mates and the lady in Tesco might just catch a glimpse. But do you know what, who cares? You can't just magically make it disappear. You aren't Houdini, right?

FICTION: You've only go a wig on because you don't like your natural hair.

FACT: That is not true, sister! People wear wigs for all manner of reasons and it's not always to hide whatever God has given you. Sometimes in life, you just fancy a change. You want to try out a new look, just like when you're in town and you spot an outfit that is really rather It's good to switch things up every once in a while and it certainly doesn't mean you're plagued with hangups about your own hair. So there. 

FICTION : Wigs don’t need washing like a normal head of hair!

FACT: This is simply not true. Wigs get dirty, tangled and gunged up with make-up and products if you’re not careful. Thankfully, help is at hand. Head over to our guide on how to wash your wig to find out the best way to keep yours clean.

So there you have it. All clued and in the know. What are you waiting for?!


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