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We understand that purchasing your first lace front wig can be a little daunting. This might be a totally new venue for you or you may have tried wigs but are nervous about purchasing your own. Don't worry we're here to answer all of your questions! 
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We realise there may be words or phrases in the product description that you might not have heard before or want to know more about, so we've created this handy glossary of wig terms to help you and explain words & phrases clearly. 

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are located inside of the wig around the inside rim. Their purpose is to alter the size of the circumference of the wig, for a snug and tight fit. The straps inside of a lace front wig are made of elastic with 2 hooks, that hook onto different loops inside of the wig, that's how it is adjusted. The picture below shows these.

adjustable straps inside wig

(source : Eseewigs)

In-built Wig Combs  

These combs or grips are on the inside of a lace front wig and they are used to grip the wig to your head. Some people like to glue the wig down to their head in addition to these. Glueing a wig makes sure that hairline mesh lace stays completely flat to your head. You can see the combs inside of a wig in the picture below.

combs inside wig

Density of a Wig

On a lot of wig product descriptions you'll see the 'density' of the wig, usually displayed as a percentage. The density of a wig describes how thick or thin the hair is. a 130% density is reasonably thin but higher densities 180% of so are thicker and contain more hairs. This is particularly important with human hair wigs and variations or not that dramatic in synthetic wigs. 


The hair line of a wig is the very most front section, that starts at your forehead. Hairlines are important in wigs as a well designed hairline will create a seamless front to your wig, and the front is essentially on your face and the most visible part. Lace front wigs are designed specifically to have a natural gradual hairline that blends into the main wig (thus lace front!). Check out our other blog posts and videos to see how to create the best hairline possible with your wig.

Lace Front 

Synthetic Lace front wigs are made of two parts; The main cap where fibres are machined onto the wig cap, and the lace front - which is a mesh at the front of the wig where fibres are hand sewn one-by-one into the mesh. This creates a ultra realistic gradual hairline that reflects how hair is placed on your head naturally. So if you're buying a 'lace front' wig, you know that the front of the wig has been sewn by hand and will have a much more natural and gradual hairline. You can see in the picture below the inside of a lace front wig and how the lace section differs from the main wig. A 'full lace' wig means each fibre of hair has been individually sewn into the wig by hand, this is why they will be more costly to purchase.


The nape is the back of your neck. The adjustable straps are located at the nape of the wig, which means they are located at the back of the wig where the wig meets the top of your neck.

Non-Lace Front 

Non-lace front wigs are wigs that have no fibres that are hand sewn into the wig. This can mean in a lot of cases that the hairline is blunt, stops abruptly and doesn't look natural. We do sell non-lace front wigs, but most of these have fringes, which means the hairline looks natural. Non-lace front wigs will be cheaper than lace front wigs because they are faster and easier to produce. 

(You can also see our blog: Lace front vs. Non-lace front)

Wig Parting

The parting of the wig is the same as the parting of your hair. In most lace fronts this can be styled differently, but a lot of lace front wigs have a centre parting, meaning there are not hair fibres there. Partings can be plucked to make them more apparent and foundation can be applied to them to make them with a small brush to match the colour of your scalp.


Synthetic means man-made. Most synthetic fibres in wigs are a form of plastic, which is why you can wash them but also why they cannot by dyed like human hair. Synthetic fibres hold their shape very well and heat safe fibres mean they can be straightened with heat tools. 

Wig Cap

A wig cap is a thin elastic mesh cap or hat that you cap put on before wearing a wig. The advantages of this are keeping your natural hair tight to your head to prevent bulges in the wig when worn as well as stopping your natural hair escaping underneath the wig when worn. The other advantage is this places a barrier between your hair and the wig, stopping dirt, oil and odours from getting into the wig.


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