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Once the little kid of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is now a absolute style icon. 

And do you know what? The Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star believes she "started wigs". 

Pretty sure she didn’t, so don’t start re-writing the history books just yet, but let's just go with it, as she definitely knows how to wear one. 

Kylie Jenner wearing a long brown wig (Credit: Instagram/ @kyliejenner)

Kylie Jenner is arguably the Queen of Wigs (Credit: Instagram/ @kyliejenner)

It was in an interview with Marie Claire way back in 2016 that Kylie made the startling claim that she was, in fact, the founder of wig wearing.

The US star, who was 18 years old at the time, told the glossy magazine: “I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs.

“Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night. I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow.”

I’m surprised she hasn’t printed that mantra on a tonne of merch and flogged it, tbh.

Anyway, given that she “started wigs”, I’m sure you’re all just dying to know exactly what type of wig Kylie prefers to wear.

Well, it seems she is a fan of the lace front wig, is she feels these look the most realistic when fitted to her head.

And she doesn’t keep things plain and simple either. Kylie has been known to rock neon wigs, short wigs, long wigs and even crazy blue crimped wigs.

Kylie Jenner wearing a blonde wig (Instagram/ @KylieJenner)

Kylie has her very own 'wig guy' (Credit: Instagram/ @kyliejenner)

In fact, Kylie’s ‘wig guy’ Tokyo Styles has made more than 100 signature wigs for her (wow) and has tailored each and every one exactly to her face shape.

When the natural brunette arrives to collect his latest masterpiece, Tokyo doesn’t let her leave until he thinks it looks absolutely A-Okay.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to have a “wig guy” on speed dial, but Tokyo has revealed how he makes Kylie’s wigs look as natural as possible.

Speaking to Allure, Tokyo said Kylie’s wig would usually need "just a bit of clipping here and there for the perfect fit in the back and on the sides” when he first hands it over to her.

He added: “I normally cut the front of the wig to make it look as natural as possible.”

But steady on though, guys, as as blunt fringe doesn’t suit everyone.

Though if you can’t resist and do end up with a bangs disaster while trying to emulate Kylie’s look, you won’t have to wait months on end to grow it out. You can just buy a new wig… #problemsolved. 


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