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For some strange reason, wearing a wig can often be seen by some as a taboo. It’s almost like switching up your natural look with some synthetic locks is, ‘a little dirty secret’. But why?

In times gone by, wigs were mainly worn by balding men to hide their hair loss. Nowadays, however, people turn to wigs for many reasons. 

Women who suffer from alopecia may choose to wear one to boost their confidence, and the same goes for people who have suffered hair loss for other medical reasons. 

Some merely see them as a fashion item. 

Whatever the reasoning, there is absolutely zero shame in wearing a wig!

Castaway Beauty blonde smoke synthetic wig

Wear your wig with pride! (Credit: Castaway Beauty)

There’s been a fair bit of talk about the subject online, in fact. And the overwhelming conclusion is; anyone who judges or is rude if you wear a wig has an issue with their own insecurities. 

Christine Hanson, a leading professional in non-surgical hair restoration, nailed it when commenting in an online thread about whether wearing a wig is “shameful”. 

The hair replacement specialist wrote: “It is not shameful, or should not be shameful. Wearing a wig is a personal decision that others should not judge. 

“Hair is a very defining attribute for most people and if they lose their hair, it helps to replace it with something that makes on feel attractive again. “Even if there is no hair loss, some people prefer the wig as it can be much easier to style than one's own hair, and you can stop using damaging chemicals to get the hair you want.”

She concluded: “Society needs to get over the thought that wigs are shameful. they are no more shameful than wearing any fashion accessory.”

Hear, hear!

So what exactly is the best response to hit back with if someone gives you the side eye and asks if you’re wearing a wig? 

Be loud and proud and knock them for six with one of these clap backs… 

“Yes it is, thank you for asking!”

“It sure is! Don’t you just love it?!”

“It certainly is, but no touching please. I know you want to!”

If you don’t fancy those and really want to hit them wear it hurts, you could always spin the tables for extra oomph.

“Why are you asking?” you could say. 

Likelihood is, they will mumble, backtrack and realise just how RUDE they were to have asked you in the first place. Ha. 


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