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Obviously 2020 has been disastrous when it comes to holidays. 

For weeks on end, planes stood grounded at airports and a huge proportion of us spent way to many hours on hold to Ryanair and the like thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

But if you have managed to snap up a last minute summer break now lockdown restrictions have been eased, you might be wondering about the complexities of wearing a wig at an airport. 

Airport security:  Credit: Unsplash

Wearing a wig through airport security shouldn't give you anxiety (Credit: Mak/Unsplash)

Well, the good news is, it's not that complex. At all. 

You CAN board that plane with a glorious head of hair and not fret about walking through security. Waltz through, in fact. 

Alopecia sufferer Abby Andrew is a pro when it comes to travelling with wigs and can put even the most anxious minds at rest. 

In a YouTube video, she says is a fairly frequent flyer but that it suddenly dawned on one day, as she strolled through security, that wearing a wig might actually cause issues. 

"I was kind of thinking, 'I'm going through security with a wig. Like, is that okay?!'" she said.

Abby Andrew talks airport security and wigs (Credit: YouTube)

Alopecia sufferer Abby Andrew has given her tips (Credit: YouTube/ Abby Andrew)

"Typically, for someone who doesn't have alopecia, I would think going through security with a wig or something covering your head is kind of like going in disguise. 

"My passport has a picture of me wearing a wig in it [but] it was taken at a time in my life where I stuck with one wig as 'my own hair'. 

"But now I do change my wigs all the time, so when I do go through airport security, I typically try to have a similar hairstyle. But feel if your face matches the picture, I don't think it should actually matter."

She added: "In my experience of going through security in a wig, no one ever says anything. I wouldn't worry about it. I just wouldn't even mention it yourself. 

Abby Andrew is wearing a wig in her passport photo - credit YouTube

Abby is wearing a wig in her passport photo (Credit: YouTube/ Abby Andrew)

"Obviously don't lie, but I wouldn't be like, 'Hey! This is a wig - do you want me to take it off?' because they're probably not going to need you to do that. 

"It's never been a problem for me and I don't see why they would ever stop you and pull you aside for wearing a wig."

Abby's words have hopefully calmed you nerves, but there is one thing to bear in mind.

If you use metal clips to fasten your wig, it may cause the metal detector alarm to sound. But this doesn't mean you have to remove it! 

Just mention it to the security guard as you approach and there should be no reason for them to tell you to take it off if you give them prior warning. 

So there you have it. Simples.


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