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In recent months we have stocked wigs that are synthetic but are not lace front wigs, you may have noticed them because of the price difference listed on our site. So what's the difference and should you purchase one?

1. What is a lace front wig?

A wig is called lace front because at the front of the wig is a handwoven lace - this looks mesh-like and is transparent. This can be seen on the picture of a inside out lace front wig below. The see through mesh at the front of the wig before the clips is the lace.

Individual hair fibres are hand stitched into this mesh/lace. This is a skilled and very time consuming job and explains the difference in price between lace and non-lace front wigs.

Below is a close up picture of the front lace of a lace front wig. This lace front means that the wig mimics the gradual hairline of real hair and is a key contributing factor to making a wig look natural.


The hairs at the front of a lace front wig can be 'plucked' to help with making the wig look more natural. 

2. What can i expect from a non-lace front wig?

Non-lace front wigs are wigs that contain all of the same components of a lace front wig, without the lace at the front. This in essence will mean that the very front of the wig when worn can be more challenging to create a natural hairline with. This is because on non-lace front wigs, the hair line is not gradual 

 So.. which wig should I buy?

First of all here's a reminder of what to expect from our lace front wigs:

Our lace front luxury synthetic wigs are made to be as lifelike as possible, without spending £££'s on real human hair wigs. The wigs we source for these take time, as finding the right quality is essential, we do not compromise. Which is why we do not stock as many wigs as other larger sites. You're guaranteed the best quality synthetic on the market.

Lace front synthetic wigs come with straps to adjust the size of the wig and clips in built to clip into your hair. The lace at the front also needs to be trimmed to your desired length. 

When should I buy a synthetic lace front wig?

- You're not after real hair
- You do however, want a real looking but affordable wig
- You want to wear your wig most days or multiple times


Our Synthetic Non-Lace Front Wigs

Together with CC Clarke we are regularly buying samples of wigs we are looking to stock, in different styles, lengths and qualities. Two wigs recent CC Clarke has loved, however the quality is not the same as our lace fronts, they are good quality to wear and great for photos and events, but they do not have the same density, and may need a little more work to get them looking great. CC has loved them though because of the colours and style and worn them herself! so have other influencers and customers.

When should i buy a non-lace front wig?

- You love the colours and style of the wig 
- Your happy that the wig may not last as long
- You're happy to play a bit more with the wig to get the desired affect and look
- You're not looking for the most natural looking wig on the market
- You want to quickly and cost effectively change you're look and have fun!

(inside of a non-lace front synthetic wig)

For all other questions on these and advice, please see our FAQ's or email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram! 


















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