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Thinking of buying your first wig? Already own a synthetic wig and want tips to make your synthetic wig look natural? We're here for you! 
We've collated 7 of the most handy YouTube Videos to guide and teach you all the essentials as well as hints and tips we found useful to help you slay your wig with confidence. 

1. CC Clarke's (Obviously!)

If you've not seen this video yet, we would suggest watching it and we've put it as number 1 because it also contains the wigs we stock, so it really does give you an impression of what our synthetic lace front wigs can look like/ will look like when styled and worn correctly. Enjoy!

2. Plucking Your Synthetic Wig (BodiedBykeira)

Plucking your synthetic lace front wig is a simple tactic that can lead to your wig not only looking more natural but also matching your natural hairline as well. This tactic is explained in the video below and we've chose it as number 2 because the video is clear and simple. Hair lines can be quite blunt on wigs, but plucking can mean that the hairline is more graduated and thus more natural looking. Perfect!


3. 12 Hair Styles To Try With Synthetic Wigs (T Tha Kid)

Wearing a wig is one thing, but styling a synthetic wig is another. Styling a lace front wig or any wig takes a bit of practice (don't worry it's fun) and different wigs suit different styles better. Styling a wig in different ways can also increase the life of your wig and means you can wear it over and over again (wahoo!)

4. Washing Your Synthetic Wig (It’s GoldenPiece)

Synthetic wigs can get tangled, dirty and can even start to smell if worn too much without care. Make up can also get into your wig. Save yourself the cost of purchasing a new wig by washing and caring for your synthetic wig. As the fibres are synthetic the wigs can be washed using clothing washing liquids, this will also was the lace inside getting rid of any unwanted odours!


5. How To Add Roots To A Synthetic Wig

As you cannot dye a synthetic wig like a human hair wig, adding roots can be a challenge, most people just assume the wig they have purchased is what they have to stay with - untrue! CC Clarke in the below video shows that by using a dark root powder spray is a super simple and quick way of adding dark roots.



6. How To Straighten A Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Stella Cini)


Lots of synthetic wigs are delivered with tight or soft curls. Curls on a synthetic wig will not fall our over time as they are not real hair and will be shaped that way. Heat safe (It's important that your synthetic wigs are heat safe - this should be listed on the product description!) can be used with styling and heating tools such as straighteners - these can transform your wig completely and give it a new lease of life!  

7. How To Curl a Synthetic Wig (Trendy Kay)

Heat safe synthetic wigs can be easily straightened, however adding curls to them is more difficult, this is due to the natural of the synthetic fibre. Lots of people use hair rollers on synthetic wigs and then steam them (plenty of videosYouTube show this also) The below video is using straighteners which is why we have chosen it as most girls will have them and the result is great!


We hoped you've learned a thing or two! If you're now in the mood to try any of these techniques on a fresh new wig, you can shop our full range HERE! 


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