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Hollywood movies have given us some tremendous wigs over the years - and some damn right awful ones too!

I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane this week and looked back and some of the not so good examples of fake hair on the big screen.

Some are so bad, you’ll have trouble not laughing. Oops!

Julia Roberts: Mother’s Day

Julia Roberts Mother's Day (YouTube

Julie Roberts’ wig looked far from natural in Mother’s Day (Credit: Capacity Pictures/ Gulfstream Pictures/ PalmStar Media)

Given her long career in Hollywood, we’ve seen Julia with many heads of hair over the years.

Usually, she looks gorgeous. But this wig did NOTHING for her.

I’m not entirely sure what look the stylists on set were going for.

A dodgy Anna Wintour, perhaps? Or maybe Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo?

Film review site Rotten Tomatoes gave the 2016 flick a one star.

I’m inclined to give Julia’s wig a one star too....

Nicole Kidman: Destroyer

Nicole Kidman Destroyer

Nicole Kidman’s wig seemed to be sprinkled with dust (Credit: Annapurna Pictures)

Okay, so Nicole Kidman didn’t exactly play the most glamorous character in Destroyer.

But I think her wig could have been a little….um…prettier.

It appeared to come fresh out of the bag with a sprinkling of dirt and dust.

And don’t get me started on the dodgy cut and fit.

If anything needed to be destroyed, it was that. 

Jessica Alba: Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Jessica Alba Fantastic Four:Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Jessica Alba unintentionally channelled Barbie in this 2007 flick (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Jessica Alba had a total image overhaul for this 2007 movie, right down to blue contact lenses.

But her blonde wig, though. Eek!

I think she popped along to Barbie’s Dream House and swiped it from the blonde doll’s head.

The colour looks fake and it doesn’t even seem to sit on her head properly.

Not so gnarly, dude.

Kate Bosworth: Superman Returns

Kate Bosworth Superman Returns

In Superman Returns, Kate Bosworth’s wig was clearly a wig (Credit: Warner Bros Pictures)

Kate Bosworth was required to have brown hair for her role as Lois Lane in Superman Returns.

But why didn’t she just reach for a box of Nice & Easy?

Most pointless wig ever. Am I right?

Samuel L Jackson: The Great White Hype

Samuel L Jackson The great white hype

Could Samuel L Jackson’s wig have weathered a gentle breeze? (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

This wig cracks me up.

It definitely looks like something your grandad would wear, not a character in a Hollywood movie with a mega Hollywood budget.

It was fluffy and almost gives me the fear.

A slight breeze and that would be OFF! 

Halle Berry: The Call

Halle Berry: The Call

Halle Berry’s wig was laughable in The Call (Credit: TriStar Pictures)

The storyline to this thriller was actually based around hair.

Halle played a 911 call centre operator who tried to outwit a serial killer.

Said serial killer scalped young blonde girls, as he had a weird fixation with the hair of his late sister, who had died from cancer.

Given the premise, you’d think they would have paid really close attention to the cast’s hair. Specifically Halle’s.

Was that wig even sitting on her head or just suspended in the air?

I’m still not entirely sure, tbh.

Andrew McCarthy: Pretty In Pink

Andrew McCarthy - left - was not so pretty in his wig (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

Okay, first up this wig-mare happened during the 80s.

Straight away, I’ll let Andrew McCarthy off for that alone.

But it is also the result of a slight schedule mishap…

Andrew’s wig only features at the end of Pretty In Pink - and here is why.

The actor thought he was done filming the movie, but was suddenly called back to reshoot the final scenes.

He has since revealed: “I was in New York doing in a play and I had shaved my head. They threw a bad wig on me.

“If they knew we'd still be talking about it 25 years later, they would have paid for a better wig.”

Angelina Jolie: Life Or Something Like It

Angelina Jolie: Life or something like it

Angelina Jolie’s wig needed a little less hairspray (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

In this 2002 movie, Angelina Jolie played a news reporter based in Seattle.

But looking at her wig, you would think she was channelling Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe who needed to get her roots touched up.

And a Marilyn Monroe who needed to hold back on the copious amount of hairspray loaded into her locks.

That wig must have weighed a tonne! 

Taylor Lautner: Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Taylor Lautner New Moon

Taylor Lautner had thankfully ditched this wig by the third Twilight movie (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Poor Taylor Lautner got the raw deal in the second Twilight instalment.

Just look at that mop of hair on his head!

The actor’s wig was straggly and frizzy and didn’t appear to match the enormous budget of the movie.

Thankfully, by the third Twilight film, his character - Jacob - had chopped his hair off, saving us all from wincing all over again. 



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