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Mariah Carey has spoken out in a new interview and described herself as an ‘ATM machine with a wig’.

The A-list diva was chatting about her extensive wealth (we’re talking a cool £400 million here, guys) when she touched upon money-grabbers who once clawed their way into her life.

Speaking to US chat show legend Oprah Winfrey, Mariah said her fortune, which let’s not forget, is all down to her own hard work and that power-house voice, has made her a “target” over the years.

Mariah Carey has described herself as an 'ATM machine in a wig' (Credit: Backgrid)

Mariah Carey has described herself as an 'ATM machine in a wig' (Credit: Backgrid)

The Honey singer, 50, ended up working harder to bring in more cash, which ultimately led to her suffering a breakdown.

Mariah told Oprah in the interview, which is available on Apple+: “When there are people connected to you as a person that achieves a certain level of ­success, you are a target - you’re vulnerable.

“But I wouldn’t have gone here if things hadn’t been done to me, if I hadn’t been dragged by certain people and treated as an ATM machine with a wig on.”

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Thankfully, Mariah went on to confirm she is in a “healthier place” now, explaining: “I am at a place where I believe I am ­worthy of success and happiness.”

This is good, as she totally deserves it.

I’ve always been a fan of Mariah and who the hell doesn’t crank up All I Want For Christmas when December rolls around?

But she has now got me wondering - was that huge head of curls ever actually a weave?

Did she ever wear a wig? Or was she just figuratively speaking when comparing herself to cashpoint in a wig?

Well, it turns out that Mariah is quite the woman of mystery when it comes to her hair.

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Good humidity for a curlyRiah weekend 💖

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There appears to be no concrete answer to the question, however it seems likely that she has mainly used hair extensions to boost her locks.

It has been claimed that star’s rather iconic hair (those 90s ringlets) has been damaged over the years, due to a huge amount of styling that has been inflicted on it, so extensions are the perfect pal.

However, earlier this year, Mariah threw things back to the olden days and proved she still has a natural head of hair to be envious of.

During lockdown, the star took to Instagram and revealed: “Good humidity for a curlyRiah weekend.”

Blimey, if only humidity could be this kind to all of us - wig or no wig.


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