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Lady Gaga has revealed to fans just how she sneaks her real hair underneath her wigs.

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, is a huge fans of hairpieces, extensions and wigs and has pulled some pretty incredible showstoppers out of her bag over the years.

For quite a while now, Gaga has been sporting a head of natural mid-length blonde hair, that has been coloured with a blue tint.

But when she takes to the stage, she still loves nothing more than to mix things up with a wig.

Earlier this month, Gaga, 34, turned up to the MTV Video Music Awards in a stunning silver wig.

The Poker Face star accessorised her Poker Straight locks throughout the night with numerous costume changes a wide selection of coordinating face masks.

Sign of the #covid19 times, eh?

Anyway, this week, Gaga has given fans a sneak peek at how she hides her real hair underneath her vast collection of wigs.

Unlike this method - in which a wig vlogger explained how she uses a fishnet tube cap to keep her tresses at bay - Lady Gaga has opted for something slightly different.

 The star wore a silver metallic wig to the MTV VMAs (Credit: Backgrid)

The star wore a silver metallic wig to the MTV VMAs (Credit: Backgrid)

Gaga has revealed that she wears a circular nude cloth underneath her wigs, which is pinned to the crown of her head.

In an Instagram stories video, she can be seen in the make-up chair having a boogie moments before one of her wigs is fitted.

Exactly which one ended up on her head remains to be seen, but she has plenty to choose from.

Last September, Lady Gaga’s celebrity hairstylist Frederic Aspiras described himself as “the caretaker” of her wigs. All 5,000 of them!

Lady Gaga has revealed how she hides her natural hair under her wigs (Credit: Instagram/ @ladygaga)

Lady Gaga has revealed how she hides her natural hair under her wigs (Credit: Instagram/ @ladygaga)

Writing for Refinery 29, Aspiras said: “I’m the caretaker of the wigs - they’re my babies. I kind of have a warehouse for them.

“I think I have well over 5,000 but I haven’t ever really counted.”

Aspiras then went on to explain that the secret to keeping Gaga’s wigs looking so perfect is Joico’s Defy Damage Collection hair products.

He explained: “The wigs could cost up to $10,000, so when you’re working with expensive hair, the protective products matter.”

The good news is, the shampoos and conditioners in this collection will only set you back about £15.

She might wear expensive wigs, but who knew Gaga was so thrifty when it came to her haircare products?!


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    Lady Gaga reveals how she hides her natural hair underneath her wigs

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