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Cor blimey, it has been a scorching few days - and no more so than for wig wears.

There’s no denying it, your head can definitely get a little sweaty under that cap when the mercury sky rockets.

Even the most breathable wig can’t perform miracles when the temperature rises.

So how can you make sure you stay cool underneath your hair?

Here are five handy tips that you might want to take on board next time the sun decides to grace us with its presence.

Blonde and pastel wigs retain less heat (Credit: Castaway Beauty)

Switch up your colour

Changing the wig for a different colour can actually help stop you from overheating on a hot day.

Darker colours, such as blacks and brunettes, retain the heat far more than blondes or pastel shades.

Even fiery red-haired wigs can hold onto the warmth.

So when the sun gets his hat on, make sure you get your lighter hair on.

Go for an up ‘do

Just like women who have natural long hair, make sure you reach for the grips and bobbles on a hot day too.

Find a style you like and it can be your go-to look when the temperature rises.

Remember, try to sweep the hair off the back of your neck and face, as that is where you will heat up the fastest.

Get sprinkling

Some people have found that adding a thin layer of talc to your head or inside your wig cap can help to keep things from turning a bit sweaty in there.

The powder works by absorbing any moisture as your scalp begins to produce it.

But a huge word of warning - you may want to only try this on a lighter shade, unless you fancy some random white patches in your hair!


Credit: YouTube/ TheRealDaytime

Kiss goodbye to bangs

Wigs with fringes are best avoided on a scorcher of a day.

Unless you want a really sweaty forehead or a heat rash, that is!

The Real's Adrienne Bailon once asked her co-stars on the US talk show: “Have you ever had bangs?

“Sweating, bangs start curling up, you’ve got little curly fries that were meant to be straight…”

Co-star Jeannie Mai added: “The sweat runs down to your lashes and it stings when it touches your eyes…”

Avoid, gals. Avoid.

Wear a short style wig

As mentioned higher up, keeping your neck and face free from hair is the key when heatwaves strike.

So rather than the faff of an elaborate up ‘do (unless you fancy one, obvs), just try a shorter style wig.

This is the beauty of wigs - one minute you can be slaying with super-long locks, then the next you can be rocking a bob or short crop in the summer sun. Hurrah. 


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