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Wigs are great for many reasons, but did you know they can help with the overall health of your hair?

If like me, your locks have suffered from either too much heat styling, bleach or dye over the years, a wig could be your answer to a happy head.

By covering up your natural locks with a synthetic wig, you can really let your hair take a break and begin to restore itself back to its former glossy glory.

Amanda Ensing talks about why she loves wigs (Credit: YouTube/ Amanda Ensing)

Beauty vlogger Amanda Ensing turned to wigs to give her damaged hair a rest (Credit: YouTube/ Amanda Ensing)

American beauty vlogger Amanda Ensing fell in love with wigs several years ago after attempting to dye her natural hair from black to blonde.

The process put great strain on her tresses and, realising she wasn’t able to achieve the platinum look she wanted without causing untold damage to her hair, Amanda decided it was time to give the ammonia a rest and invest in some wigs.

In a YouTube video, Amanda revealed: “In addition to wigs being fun, they are really helpful to you if you’re trying to grow out your hair.

“I just went from black to blonde and that was a lot of damage to my hair. It’s still recuperating and I’m trying to get it back healthy again.”

Amanda Ensing with black hair (Credit; Instagram/ @amandaensing)

Amanda's natural hair is dark (Credit: Instagram/ Amanda Ensing)

Amanda went on: “I can literally wash my hair, condition it, leave in a little bit of conditioner, put it in a wig cap, put my wig on and I can let my hair breathe. I can let it grow, I can let it get healthy.

“You don’t even know how much of a relief that is. Even if I want to go back to black for a day, I can wear a black wig without having to dye my hair.”

As a result, it’s no surprise that Amanda said her favourite thing about wearing a wig is that she can switch her colour and cut in an instant without causing serious damage to her real hair.

Her first wig was a short dark bob and, within hours of putting it on, she was hooked.

“I posted a picture on Instagram with the scissor emoji and everyone thought I’d cut my hair,” she laughed. “I still have that wig and I still wear it sometimes. That moment is when I fell in love with wigs. They’re great. I love wigs!”


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