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Wearing a wig is sexy.

Whatever your reasons for choosing faux hair, whether it be because you have alopecia, another medical condition or just because you like them, you should never feel shy about about decision.

And when I say never, I mean never. Including during sexy times!

Credit: Unsplash Ian Dooley

Worried about wearing a wig during sex? (Credit: Unsplash/ Ian Dooley)

But a quick look online shows that quite a few women feel worried about wearing a wig in the bedroom.

Will it slip? Will it come off completely in the passion?

Worst case; will my partner hate what I look like without my sexy-ass wig on?

Firstly, if the answer to the last question is yes, then it is definitely time to find yourself a new partner.

American vlogger Tia Maria is a former sex education therapist and a wig-wearer.

She recently recorded a YouTube video about wearing wigs while having sex and her message was clear.

Tia said: “It is really important to have the conversation.

“I would tell my teens when talking about sex in general - if you can’t talk about it, then you shouldn’t be doing it. 

“That level of intimacy and communication is really a foundation for allowing yourself to be sexually involved with someone.

“If someone knows you wear a wig, they’re thinking about it already, whether you bring it up or not.

"This is a conversation that, although can be funny and may be uncomfortable, is really important.

“It’s hard enough if you have to wear a wig, to be adjusting to all that, and then the intimacy stuff is another thing. “

Tia Maria talks wigs and sex on YouTube

US blogger Tia Maria says it is best to be honest about your wig before having sex (Credit: YouTube/ Tia Maria)

Tia had lots of tips for synthetic wig wearers, including wearing it in a low ponytail during a night of passion.

She also suggested: “If you’re laying down, try to lift the wig up behind your head as opposed to your back, because then it won’t pull as much.

“Or try positions where you aren’t laying down. There are a lot of them!

“If you are really concerned, glue the wig down for security.”

Tia added: “I would say, a lot of it has to do with your comfort level with your partner and your comfort level of wearing wigs and being without your wig.

"Just make sure your clips are in and let the person know. Like, ‘Don’t tug on my hair…’

As Tia says, if you can’t be honest and have the conversation with your partner, then you probably shouldn’t be getting jiggy with them.

Relax, enjoy yourself and DON’T fret about it.

Watch all of Tia's video here.


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