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While wigs don’t need washing as often as real hair, the do still need to be kept clean and maintained.

All that oil your scalp produces still goes on…just under the lace instead. Ew.

In one of his many online tutorials, US hair vlogger Linwood Darkis has explained to wig-wears just why it is important to regularly wash your wigs.

Hair vlogger Linwood Darki gives his tips on washing a wig (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

Hair vlogger Linwood Darkis has warned that a dirty wig can lead to scalp issues (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

He warns: “Your products, sweat and debris get caught up in the wig and before you know it, you’re having tonnes of issues with the scalp.

‘It holds in heat, opens up your pours and can cause break-ups.

“Even when they look clean, there is a good chance they’re not.”

Linwood Darkis washes a synthetic wig (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

Linwood uses warm water and gentle massaging to clean a synthetic wig (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

So with that in mind, I’ve broken down Linwood’s top tips on how best to wash your wig from his YouTube tutorial.

1. Place your wig on a wig head and pin it in place. Linwood warns: "Remember to pull it down at the back. Sometimes I forget and it just ends up being a big sloppy mess.”

2. Try to loosen separate the hair with you fingers before grabbing a wig brush. Begin detangling your wig from the bottom up of the hair up.

3. Fill a sink with warm water. Make sure it’s not too hot, as Linwood says this can cause excessive tangling.

4. Add a small amount of shampoo for synthetic wigs - such as this one by Henry Margu - to the water and swish it around. Put your wig in the sink.

5. Massage the lace with your thumb, in the direction that the hair flows. This remove any stale make-up or product residue from the hairline and the lace.

Linwood Darkis washes a synthetic wig (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

No one needs a mucky hairline like this.. ew! (Credit: YouTube/ GlamFam Hair & Beauty)

6. Dunk the hair several times before adding more shampoo to the length. Scrubbing the hair will cause it to tangle, so again work it in its natural direction.

7. Put the wig to one side and replace the water with a sink full of clean, fresh water. Put the wig back in for a final rinse.

8. Linwood stresses that you should add the length first and keep a hand on the lace at all times to avoid any of the hair getting knotted inside.

9. Squeeze out excess water and wrap in a towel.

10. Return your wig to the wig head and style it as you wish with a hairdryer and wig brush.

And there you have it. Simples!


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