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Kylie Jenner has left me feeling pretty envious with her super-long and sleek plait. 

Stretched out on a sun-lounger, the youngest member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan looked like a modern day Pocahontas during a recent holiday. 

I mean, my hair has obviously grown during lockdown given the closure of every salon in the UK, but not to these lengths.

Kylie Jenner shows off a super long plait (Credit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner)

Kylie has shown off a super-long plait (Credit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner)

Fear not, though. You can recreate Kylie's look in these easy steps.

This look is perfect for keeping you feeling cool yet stylish on a hot summery day.

Sadly, we aren't blessed with the glorious temperatures Kylie has been soaking up in California recently.

But hey, who cares if the sky is grey when you can get your hair to look as good as hers?

Castaway Beauty's long hair brunette wig

This long wig will give you all the hair you need for a Kylie-inspired plait (Credit: Castaway Beauty)

1. First thing's first - help is at hand when it comes to growing that hair overnight. And it is actually thanks to Kylie's big sister Kim. Castaway Beauty's Kim K Long Black Synthetic Lace Front Wig will add 24-inches in minutes. Marvellous!

2. If you're new to wearing wigs, follow Castaway Beauty's easy guide to make yours sit as naturally on your head as possible.  

3. Once in place, use a round bristle brush - such as this SUPRENT one - to sweep all the hair back from your face and gather it at the nape of your neck in a tight ponytail. 

4. Head to the bathroom...and grab your toothbrush! Believe it or not, while still clutching your pony with one hand, using a toothbrush over your hair with the other hand will smooth out even the tiniest of bumps. 

5. Secure your ponytail with a thick, black hair elastic.

6. Working from the top down, start to braid your hair as tightly as you can. Pull it over one shoulder as you go. 

7. Once you have around two-inches to go, secure the bottom of your plait with thin black hair elastic. 

8. Move back to the top of your plait and gently pull the sections apart to give it some volume. 

9. Finally, spritz the top of your head with a hairspray designed for synthetic wigs to keep things smooth and firmly in place. HOTHAIR Synovation Finishing Spray will get the job done. 



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