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Holly Willoughby has been dying her own blonde hair throughout lockdown.

The This Morning star is the face of a well known hair dye brand but I’ve never been entirely convinced it’s how she maintains her luscious locks.

Something tells me that, in normal circumstances, she isn’t reaching for the plastic gloves and bottle of ammonia ever four to six weeks or so. 

Just a hunch, eh?

Holly Willoughby with long blonde hair (Credit: instagram/ Holly Willoughby)

Holly has been contemplating cutting her long blonde hair (Credit: Instagram/ Holly Willoughby)

Holly recently shared a picture on Instagram, showing just how much her hair had grown during lockdown.

In a nod to her enforced home-dye jobs, she told her followers: “Sooo... what do I do with this??? Chop or not to chop? ✂️ ✂️ Hair has grown like crazy... imagine the roots I’d have by now!!!!”

Most of Holly’s followers were quick to swoon over her Rapunzel-style mane.

One gushed: “I love your hair longer. You can rock both but longer is just so gorgeous on you!”

Another urged: “Please do not chop looks great x.”

A third even begged: “Not chop Holly and leave it straight too.”

I’m inclined to agree with all of the above. But blonde hair is such a faff to maintain. *SIGH*

There’s the need for purple shampoo, the risk of accidentally dying your hair the same colour as a brass door knob and the obvious root issue.

With locks the shade of Holly’s you definitely cannot pass dark roots off as ombre…

So here’s a quick fix - fake it with a wig!

Khaleesi Blonde Luxury Lace Front Wig

This Khaleesi Blonde Luxury Lace Front Wig will give you blonde hair like Holly's in an instant (Credit: Castaway Beauty)

Castaway Beauty’s Khaleesi Blonde Luxury Lace Front Wig is seriously striking without all the added bother.

Plus, it’s inspired by Games of Throne’s queen Daenerys Targaryen.

Now, who doesn’t want to look like her

Giving Holly a run for her money, this wig is a glorious 22 inches in length and has no roots.

So put it this way, come Christmas time and you’ll still be looking like Elsa from Frozen without a bottle of bleach in sight. Hurrah!

And plus, all that hair dye isn’t great for the environment. The chemicals and fumes don’t do anyone any good, especially when they wash down the sink into the sea. Urgh.

Fake it til you make it, that’s what I say. Given how good this gorgeous wig looks on, no one will have a clue that you weren’t born with it.

Do blondes have more fun? Perhaps it's time to find out...


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