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Do you fancy giving your wig a makeover? How about a new fringe?

If this has crossed your mind, I expect you have wondered how exactly to go about it too.

Can you just book an appointment at your local hair salon and march in there with your most prized wig under your arm? Hmm, probs not.

But before you reach for the scissors yourself, check this out.

Stella Cini cuts a fringe into her wig with clippers (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Are you brave enough to use clippers to cut a fringe into your wig? (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Wig fanatic and influencer Stella Cini has given her long brunette wig a fringe by using a pair of barbers’ clippers.Yep, CLIPPERS.

In a video that has since gone viral, Stella can be seen branding the electric hair tool at the camera while grinning (rather sinisterly, if truth be told).

Now, my experience with clippers is somewhat limited, so I wasn’t holding out much hope for her finished looked.

When I was a kid, back in the 90s when ponytails and undercuts were all the rage, I used to buzz my brother’s hair and actually used to do a fairly decent job. No ponytails were ever lost, which probably means I have missed my calling as a hairdresser.

Stella Cini cuts a fringe into her wig with clippers (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Stella begins by sectioning off two pieces of hair from either side of her parting (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Saying that, my hubby’s lockdown haircut wasn’t straight outta Toni & Guy, so perhaps not.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Stella.

Somehow, against the odds, she managed to buzz a perfect fringe into her wig within minutes.

And this is how she did it….

First, Stella applied her wig and made sure it was parted right down the middle. She then combed two equal sections, one from either side of her face, and pulled them together in an A shape in front of her forehead.

Stella Cini cuts a fringe into her wig with clippers (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

She uses a piece of card as a back board (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Stella then grabbed a water spray, making the sectioned off hair nice and damp, before blow drying it, pulling it forwards. To make sure it was super sleek, she then used a pair of straighteners over the top.

Next, Stella picked up her clippers and a plain white piece of card. Using the card as a back board, she gently buzzed the length of her sectioned off hair to create a fringe.

This is where you need to go easy. You can always cut more off, but you can’t stick it back on.

No one wants to look like Spock, right?

Stella Cini cuts a fringe into her wig with clippers (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Stella shows off her buzz cut fringe (Credit: Facebook/ Stella Cini)

Finally, Stella rather expertly buzzed her long, feathery fringe into a slight arch, just to curve it around her face.

I actually think it looks pretty good. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below... 


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