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Have you ever thought about adding the appearance of roots to your wig?

The sight of a subtle regrown can definitely add a more realistic look to a synthetic number, plus it gives a bit of dimension to the colour.

But here’s a warning: If it is something you think you’d like to try, then STEP AWAY from the supermarket hair dye touch up kits.

There is actually a far more easier way to add some roots to your wig, without it being a permanent and long-term change. Eyeshadow!

You can add natural-looking roots with eyeshadow (Credit: Unsplash/ Claudia Tocut)

Yup, it’s time to grab your favourite powder pallet from your make-up bag.

In order to create this look, you’ll also need a fishtail comb - as this will help give your wig a really neat parting - and a couple of make-up brushes.

A small, flat eyeshadow brush should be first on your list, with a bigger foundation brush as well.

So here’s what you need to do…

1. Depending on the colour of your synthetic wig, you need to select a complimentary shade of eyeshadow for your ‘roots’. For example, if your wig is a medium brown colour, then opt for a smokey darker shadow. For platinum or light blonde wigs, choose an ash or even grey-brown shade of shadow.

2. Using your comb, part your wig into the style you like best. Try to get down to the cap and expose the wig’s roots as best you can.

3. Dip your smaller brush into the eyeshadow and use it to apply the power right along the parting. Don’t be afraid to squish the brush into the parting line to ensure the hairs are covered right down to the cap. This may take a few goes.

4. Next up, get the bigger brush. After dipping it in the eyeshadow, use this one to brush down the hair and away from the parting line. You only need brush about 1.5cm outwards to keep the ‘regrowth’ looking subtle. Do this all the way down the parting on both sides of your head.

5. Finally, grab a can of spray designed for synthetic wigs. This one by Henry Margu is perfect for the job. Spritz it over your parting to keep that foundation firmly in place.

And there you have it. Natural looking - and temporary - regrowth. If you get bored of this look, then you can always wash it out. For tips on washing your synthetic wig, visit my blog on how best to do it HERE.


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