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Wig fans come in all shapes and sizes - and they have natural hair in all lengths, cuts and colours too.

But if you’ve got long hair and are considering wearing a wig for the first time, you might be wondering how on earth to fit your natural tresses underneath.

Long haired woman (Credit: Ashton Bingham/ Unsplash)

It is possible to have long natural hair and wear a wig (Credit: Unsplash/ Ashton Bingham)

I’ve got long thick hair and, I’ll be honest, I had my reservations when I was a wig newbie. My greatest fear was that I would look like a cone head which, let’s face it, is not a great look.

It can be done, however. And this is how…

1. First of all, you need to invest in a stretchy fishnet wig cap that is open at both ends. Try to go for a nude shade or one that matches your natural skin tone. This two pack of nude fishnet wig caps from Amazon is perfect for the job and priced at just £5.99. Bargain.

2. Put the wig cap over your head and pull it down, so it is sitting like a rather large necklace around your neck. Pull all of your natural hair out from underneath, then pull the cap up so you are wearing it like an wide elasticated hairband across the front of your head.

Sarah Ingle has waist-length natural hair yet still manages to fit it under a wig (Credit: YouTube/ Sarah Ingle)

3. Ensuring the front band is smooth and tight around your forehead, stretch the fishnet cap down the length of your hair, as though it is all inside a giant long sock or tube. Stuff any overhanging hair back up and into the tube. Professional Disney Princess (cool job, or what?) Sarah Ingle, who has super-long blonde hair, demonstrates this perfectly above.

4. Flatten your natural hair down on top of your head as best you can, before twisting off the open end of the cap and pulling it back over your crown. It should now resemble a fishnet swimming cap on top of your head.

Sarah Ingle wears a fishnet wig cap YouTube/ Sarah Ingle

Sarah uses an open-ended fishnet wig (Credit: YouTube/ Sarah Ingle)

5. Wiggle your hair around inside the cap to flatten down any lumps and bumps.

6. Next, grab yourself a wig grip headband - like this one from Etsy (£2.99) - and fasten it to your head. This will give you something to attach your wig to when you put it on….

Which brings me to step 7 - you should be good to go ahead and do exactly that now!


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