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Pink hair is all the rage, especially this summer. 

With the misery of lockdown hopefully now passing us by, anyone who's anyone has been experimenting with a different hair colour. 

And pink is definitely one of the favourite go-tos for a new look. 

Just as I listed my top five celebrities who have rocked pink hair, Kerry Katona went and snapped up a pink wig. She's clearly read my blog and wanted a piece of the action! 

As Kerry proved in her Instagram picture, a pink wig can really brighten up your look and turn heads for all the right reasons. She teamed hers with a pale blue dress, pastel jacket and a slick of bright pink lipstick. I think she nailed it! 

In case you aren't yet convinced, here are five reasons why you should be investing in a pink wig. 

Kerry Katona wears a pink wig (Credit: Instagram/ Kerry Katona)

Kerry Katona has been working a pink wig this summer (Credit: Instagram/ Kerry Katona)

1. Pink hair is for all ages - Dame Helen Mirren has proved that one already. Whether you're eyeing up a mermaid look or something more fierce, you're guaranteed to rock it, whatever age you are. Age is just a number, folks. And it is certainly not something to fret about when experimenting with a new look. 

2. It's not permanent. Some days you might feel like unleashing your inner Baby Spice, other days you might decide to be more Kim K and head over to the dark side with a brunette head of hair. With a pink wig, you have all the joy without the commitment. 

3. It won't fade like natural hair tints. A friend of mine recently paid 30 quid for a pink tint to be added to her hair. Within two days, it had washed out. Talk about watching your money being rinsed! A Castaway Beauty pink wig is fo life, not just for...two whole days.

4. Pink isn't just 'pink'. There is Blush Pink, Candyfloss Pink, Flamingo Pink and even Mixed Berry Pink. These days, wigs come in more colours than a Dulux paint chart. The pink possibilities are endless!

5. Brunettes and black-haired women can wear them too! Turning dark locks pink is a very lengthy - and costly - process. Forget hair tints and baby pink dyes, those tresses will need to be bleached to within an inch of their lives before a vibrant pink colour is added. And even then you might not get the shade you'd hoped for. But pop on a pink wig - of any shade - and it's a case of job done.

What are you waiting for? It's time to start thinking pink, gang.


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