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So obviously we are currently in unchartered territory, thanks to our new pal coronavirus. 

But while I've read a lot about how to keep protected from catching Covid-19, I'd seen a few people asking online whether wearing a wig could actually put you at greater risk. And I couldn't find an answer...until now. 

The good news is, folks, it seems the answer is no.

Taz from Taz's Wig Closet talks about Covid-19 and wigs (Credit: YouTube/ Tazswigcloset)

Taz from Taz's Wig Closet says you aren't at greater risk (Credit: YouTube/ Tazswigcloset)

I can see why people have been worrying, though. Let's not forget that some eBay and Amazon buyers were bleaching their parcels back in January when news of the virus began spreading. (I didn't do it, but I may have Googled whether I should be…)

American Wig expert and YouTuber Taz, from Taz's Wig Closet, has given her opinion on the subject, saying: “As a wig consumer that maybe this coronavirus may hitch a ride on our brand new wig. Or somehow expose us to the virus without us really having any knowledge of it.

"The risk of contracting the coronavirus on our wigs is very, very small."

Well, thank gawd for that. 

I must point out that Taz is not a medical professional, but the tips she has to keep the risk low make a lot of sense.

The US vlogger reckons that, providing you take the normal, sensible precautions that everyone has been told to do, such as washing your hands, you’ll be A-okay in terms of your wig.

Taz's Wig Closet talks about wigs and covid-19 (Credit: YouTube/ Tazswigcloset)

Taz warns wig-wearers to take the same precautions as everyone else (Credit: YouTube/ Tazswigcloset)

Taz says: “The experts are saying, wash wash wash your hands all the time. And also, make sure you don’t touch your face.

“In the grocery store, you do a lot of looking up and down and around. I found, if I bent down to pick up an onion to put it in a bag, my hair fell in my face.

“I was so careful not to scratch my nose or rub my eye, but when my hair got in my eye from my wig, it was just an immediate knee-jerk reaction to pull it out.

“If you’ve got to go to the grocery store or to the bank, just be careful about the wig you wear. Wear a short style or a wig with a short fringe or bangs.”

Taz also recommends securing a long wig away from your face with a hairband, clips or a hat.

So there we go, coronavirus. Just do one, will you? You ain’t coming near my wig, that’s for sure!


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