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When it comes to Cardi B, we all know she can slay all manner of wigs. But how fierce is this one?

The US rapper slipped into a poker straight red wig before showing off her handbag collection to fans.

I knew she had wigs in all colours of the rainbow, but I didn’t realise she had a Hermés Birkin in every colour known to man too.

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Pick a color

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That haul alone is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. *SIGH*

Commenting on the Instagram snap, one fan wrote: “A girl can dream 😍.”

This is true. I am in fact now dreaming of my own walk-in wardrobe stacked to the rafters with lovely Birkins.

Alongside her picture, Cardi had asked her followers to “pick a colour”.

Quite clearly, she needs the Hermés on the bottom row on the left. The red one of course!

Cardi didn’t just wear her wig for her jaw-dropping humble handbag brag, though. She kept it on before heading out for a night with her pals.

Cardi B wears a red wig (Credit: Instagram/ @iamcardib)

Cardi B kept her wig on for a night out with friends (Credit: Instagram/ @iamcardib)

Taking to Instagram Stories some hours later, Cardi filmed herself in the back of a flash motor, with twinkling lights in the ceiling and her red wig still firmly in place.

Showing off her incredible talons too, she gave her silky smooth flame-red hair a stroke as she rapped along to music.

Cardi had, however, ditched her red frock and replaced it with a tropical print dress. And added all the diamonds, let’s not forget about those.

But the question on my lips right now is which Birkin did she go for? Seriously though, imagine being able to make that choice…

It will come as no surprise to you that - just like her handbags - Cardi has expensive taste when it comes to her wigs, with her calling upon celebrity hair stylist Tokyo Stylez whenever she needs a new one.

The name might sound familiar, as she also makes wigs for Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. Natch.

Tokyo is a firm believer that wearing wigs actually protect real hair from damage and credits them for allowing natural locks to “grow tremendously”.

She recently told Hollywood Life: “You’re not blow drying your actual hair. You’re not colouring your hair. You’re literally just letting your hair sit there and do its own thing.

“As long as you’re keeping it moisturised underneath and when you do take it out, treat it, cut your ends… You keep continuing to do that [and] your hair will grow tremendously.”

If ever there was an excuse to wear one... 


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