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Cardi B is arguably Queen when it comes to wigs - but this could be her best yet. 

The US singer has taken pigtails to The. Next. Level. with this creation. 

Cardi opted for a cute baby pink wig, swept into a sleek side parting, before somehow constructing two mega hearts on their side of her head. 

Actually, let me rephrase that, Cardi's hair stylist opted for a cute baby pink wig... 

I mean, it is just incredible, right?!

Cardi B heart-shaped wig (Instagram /@iamcardib)

Cardi B has nailed this love-heart look (Credit: Instagram/ @iamcardib)

Cardi filmed a video clip of herself rocking her love-heart masterpiece on Instagram, asking fans: "Ya like my hair? Yes or no?"

It probably won't come as a great surprise that her fans have gone wild for the look. 

One replied: "This so pretty omg!" Another added: "How cute that woulda been for Valentine’s Day?"

 A third wrote: "You killed it, Cardi!"

This thoughtful and considered comment by US blogger Its Bizkitt has to be my favourite, however: "Nah I gotta know how u slept wit that lol, had to sit in a chair cuz it’s no way u can roll over in the bed without breaking a heart," he said.

Very valid point, Mr Bizkitt. Sadly, though, Cardi has not enlightened him with a reply. Shame, as I would quite like to know the answer. 

Cardi has total form when it comes to her hair and she is always pushing the boundaries. 

Last month, she proved her diva credentials by wearing a long wig emblazoned with Louis Vuitton motifs. It was pretty special.  

She even made headlines in July 2019 by ripping off her wig and tossing it into the crowd at Wireless Festival in London. 

A video of the moment, which happened during her very eventful set, went viral...but she later had to ask for her hairpiece back. 

Taking to Instagram, she later shared the clip of her wig-toss and admitted: "I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me."

It has never been confirmed whether she did or didn't get her wig back from the lucky fan who grabbed it. 

There was much speculation at the time as to its whereabouts, with some people attempting to sell what they claimed was 'Cardi B's wig' on eBay for £100. 

Listed with as 'condition is used', the chancer claims the wig was torn into pieces  - with one said piece up for grabs - and even smelled like Cardi herself. 

Folks, I've done some digging (I looked on eBay under 'sold and completed items'), and can confirm the so-called piece of Cardi's wig is nowhere to be seen. 





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