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The world is pretty crazy right now and the current Covid-19 pandemic has not only brought out the best in some people, but also the worst.

But flicking through a newspaper this week, I read a truly inspirational story that is proof there really are so many good folk out there still.

Kaz Foncette, 34, has fought breast cancer twice and used her gruelling, tough and frightening experience to improve the lives of so many other women who have found themselves in her position.

And it all started when she was handed an NHS wig.

Speaking to The Mirror, Kaz explained that she was so terrified of losing her hair through chemotherapy that she confided in a nurse for help.

But she admitted: “A nurse rummaged through a box and pulled out a wig that she said I could get on prescription on the NHS.

“I was horrified. It looked like a cheap Halloween wig and was totally unsuitable for someone my age.

“I soon discovered that NHS wigs are designed for older women, not for women like me.”

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➕Never Give Up. Never Let Go➕ I never really posted many images of my worst moments. They carried too many painful feelings & memories, memories that I wanted to try and bury and not let others see or feel. I didn’t want to bury them deep enough that Id forget what brought me to where I am now, or deep enough to forget the good that came with all the bad. But deep enough so that it wouldn’t resurface , or to try terrorize or terrify me, or drag me back to a place where I felt worthless and defeated. But today something just said, Kaz, it’s time to share a little. So here I go. I hope that’s ok? Whilst some may think it’s smiles and laughter everyday, although it can be , it can also be the total opposite. Some days I may struggle to even dress. Struggle to look at myself and feel total love or confidence. Helena Bonham Carter said, confidence is like the tides, they come and go. The days you won’t always see me on stories or posting on Instagram are the days where I’m really working on myself. Not because I’m down, it’s because I never want to give up. No matter what it takes. So sometimes it takes the full use of my mental strength to bring me back to standing strong in my life. Even if it takes me being anti social or disappearing for a few hours. But I always come back. One thing I can wholehearted say is I have more mental strength than anyone I’ve ever met and sometimes we must recognize our most valuable abilities and put them to use, even if it’s just being able to wake up to make the bed everyday. People who haven’t been touched by cancer need to realise that it’s hard to wake up from nightmare if you aren’t asleep. All we can do is separate the scary stuff from the stuff that sparks joy because even in a nightmare, we will always feel hope. So please never let go of it. Looking back at these scary moments, I remember the beautiful moments that came with it, like being able to walk again unaided down a corridor after being in and out of consciousness with 6 drains hanging out of me after surgery. I kept on keeping on. And for any of my friends feeling like they need a hand to hold. Here it is.

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Kaz, who says she had long brown hair at the time, was lucky enough to be gifted £400 by rallying friends and family, meaning she could buy a stunning pink wig made from real-hair.

But she knew other ladies weren’t so fortunate.

Despite being wiped out by her treatment, Kaz began fundraising from her bed before eventually launching her own charity, Wigs For Heroes. So far, she has raised a seriously impressive £20,000 to help other ladies buy wigs that make them feel like ‘them’.

Kaz has also amassed an impressive social media following over on the ‘gram, where she shares so many inspirational pictures and words of advice to others.

Unfortunately, just six months after Kaz had was given the all-clear by doctors, her cancer returned in exactly the same place.

This time, she had a mastectomy but suffered heart failure from all the drugs she had to take.

The fantastic news is, however, that Kaz has been cancer-free for a year.

She has also landed a modelling deal with underwear brand Figleaves, which is definitely something to celebrate, too.

And if that’s not enough, Kaz is doing all she can to raise awareness of breast cancer this October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Give her a follow here. What a real life hero!


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