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Whether you're a natural blonde, an honorary blonde thanks to a wig or if you get your hair colour from a bottle, I bet you've had stick from somewhere along the way. 

Obviously we all know the old adage that ladies with blonde hair are supposed to have 'more fun', but why are they also presumed by some to be total dunces too? 

Anyway, poor old Emily Ratajkoski - aka one of the most stunning women on the planet - found herself getting flack recently simply for... dying her hair. 

Emily Ratajkowski dyes her hair blonde (Credit: Instagram/ @emrata)

Emily received flack for dying her hair blonde (Credit: Instagram/ Emily Ratajkowski)

Yep, that's right. Emily, known best for starring in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video, fancied a change. 

That's it. Just like any other normal human being on the planet, she decided to bleach her long locks blonde. 

Terrible, terrible woman. *SIGH*. 

After sharing a photo of her new hairdo on Instagram, Emily received a ridiculous amount of hate. 

"Forever I have said that you can’t go wrong with anything you do. But this blond hair is big NO!" one charming follower told her. 

Another told her: "Okay, but brunette is so much hotter."

A third even passive aggressively raged: "Go back to brown! Your natural colour is better babe."

Thanks Karen, babe. I'm sure she really appreciated the advice. 

emily ratajkowski in Blurred Lines (Credit: YouTube)

Emily found fame in the video for Blurred Lines (Credit: YouTube)

The good news is, Emily wasn't prepared to sit back and take it. 

Okay, so she hadn't just gone and ripped a blonde wig off a little old lady in the supermarket (even though some of her followers would have you believing she had) but she was still determined to stick up for herself and her hair. 

In a video, Emily later addressed her critics with a clap back that should be stored in everyone's make-up bag if the time should ever arise where you might need it too. 

She said: "Hey everyone. This is a message for all the men and the women who've been commenting, 'Go back to brunette,' 'You look so much better as a brunette'...

"Stop telling women what to do with their hair. And their bodies."

Amen to that. 

I've been blonde, I've been brunette, and I've had just as much fun when sporting both hair colours. 

Pretty sure Emily is also having more fun than Karen right now. In fact, she would probably still outdo Karen in the fun stakes if she shaved her head...



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