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If you're a beginner or haven't worn a wig before and are worried about your wig looking unnatural, you're on the right page. Firstly, do not panic, below is a super simple guide, some easy to implement tips and a video tutorial to help you. 

There are a few principles that are key to remember that will help, these are:

  1. You want your wig to mimic your natural head shape as much as possible, this simply comes down to making sure your hair is tight against your head and your wig is fitted correctly. 
  2. You want the front hairline to be blended and as natural looking as possible, this is simple and just takes 1 or 2 steps.
For this blog we are going to assume you know how to put on a wig, if you are unsure of how to put on a wig, please see guide; 'How to put on and fit a wig'

Following the above principle 1, you want to get the wig to sit as naturally on your head as possible this is achieved by;

  • Always throughly brushing through your wig before use (not that necessary on unworn wigs) this will help with frizz and help to flatten the fibres, stopping them standing up.
  • You can use a blow dryer to flatten the top of the wig so the top of your wig lays flat and natural against your head. Apply the blowdryer (blowdryer facing down) directly to the top of your head when wearing the wig, if the heat is too much, you can perform this by placing the wig on a stand or mannequin head (polystyrene ones can be purchased cheaply online).
  • You can use a straightener on heat safe wigs near the root to flatten the fibres making them lay flatter and naturally on your head.

Following principle 2 above, to make the hairline of the wig to look as flawless and natural as possible, here are some easy tips:

  • Cut the lace as close to the hairline on the wig as possible (not needed if your wig is not lace front)
  • Tweezers can be used to carefully pluck away hairs from the first inch or so of the hairline, this technique is used if you want the hairline to look more gradual, sometimes you may see this as not necessary. You can also tweezer out any fibres that stick up on their own or just don't look quite right. (Gently plucking only one hair at a time to avoid ripping the lace)
  • Some people choose to use a wig glue or wig tape to glue the lace front hairline of their wig to their forehead, this is not necessary but can help if the wig is not sitting flat at the front hairline.
  • We suggest using a foundation and a makeup brush to blend the front of your lace to the colour of your skin. Just use your normal powder foundation and blend the very front of the lace, making sure to cover any parts lace is showing for. A video tutorial on this can be found below.

Other tips to make your wig look natural are:

  • Apply concealer or foundation to the hair parting to give the illusion of a scalp, making sure to use a concealer that matches your skin colour - this is featured in our video tutorial below
  • Spraying the wig with dry shampoo can eliminate the shine of synthetic fibres that can look unnatural in some lights or under flash photography.

See more of the high quality wigs in action on and a tutorial on how to make the lace wigs look natural 


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