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I’m not entirely sure what look this hair vlogger was going for when she decided to split dye a platinum blonde wig with red and black colourant.

And if I’m honest, I can’t even decide if I like it or not!

But last week, Australian YouTuber Priya Lyla decided to give the process a go and filmed it for the entire world to see, which is great, as I love having a nosy at this kinda stuff.

Priya Lyla split dyes a wig (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

YouTuber Priya Lyla has split dyed a blonde wig red and black (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

Unfortunately, things didn’t get off to the best start, as Priya bought both a black hair dye and what she thought was a purple one. The latter was in fact a toner. Whoops!

A few hours later, and with a newly-purchased bright red dye in hand, she got to work on a straight, lace-fronted wig made from real hair.

From the offset Priya warned her followers that her video was not a tutorial as she “had no idea” what she was doing. This was probably wise, as she was a little haphazard with her…erm…technique…

Priya Lyla split dyes a wig (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

She began with the wig on her head but ended up dying it on a towel (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

First, Priya put the wig on her head and parted it straight down the middle using a fishtail comb.

She then secured one section with a bobble before coating the lace in a layer of protective Vaseline.

Using a wide colouring brush, she then applied the red dye from her parting in downward strokes.

As she went, Priya separated the hair into sections to ensure all her roots were covered with dye.

Priya still ended up with red in her natural hair! (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

Once one half was saturated with red, she then removed the wig from her head and used her hands to rub the colour through the remaining lengths.

Priya then decided to let the dye do its magic, before washing it out in the sink.

Next, she moved on to the black side. But given that her real hair had been splattered with red dye while the wig was on her head, she thought better of wearing it this time.

Placing the wig back on an old towel, she used her wide colouring brush to paint the black dye onto the remaining blonde half.

Priya Lyla split dyes a wig (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

Priya did the entire black side on a towel (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

Judging by Priya’s video, this was quite a messy job and required a fair bit of attention to detail so as not to muck up the red side.

She also ended up with dye stains all over her arms and even on her face. Oops!

Thirty minutes later, Priya washed the remaining black side out, making sure to keep the red hair out of the water as she did it.

So what did she think?

Before blow drying the wig, Priya admitted: “There are a few little bits that are a tiny bit patchy, but I feel like once it’s dry and once I’m wearing it, it won’t be noticeable.

Priya Lyla split dyes a wig (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

The Aussie loved the finished look (Credit: YouTube/ Priya Lyla)

“I’m proud of it and feel I did a really good job.”

She then returned to the camera, with the now-dry wig on her head, and gushed: “I love it it. The red turned out so good. It couldn’t be any better than it is!”

I’m not certain I’d be rocking this look for real any time soon, but I guess it is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Halloween is soon upon us also, so it could be one to try. Maybe…


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