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Posted by Buzzy Seager

CastawayBeauty are proudly now the official and exclusive stockists of the CCClarke Lace Front Wig Range, as such below is our interview with CC to ask her to spill the tea on range, her future plans, her history and successes. Let's jump right in!:

To what do you attribute your online success and growth?

CC: Usually when i get asked this type of question, people are expecting there to be some well-hidden secret to online growth they haven't discovered yet, or a magic trick, or that i've purchased followers etc. All of these simply are not true. My 'success' has been down to a few factors, the biggest of which is just downright perseverance and consistency - Luck or lucky breaks naturally go hand-in-hand with that. Other factors are good friends and support, finding content that works through trial and error, making sure you express who you are, rather than trying to be like another person. You also need to engage within the online community you're part of - and just have fun!

What made you bring out your own wig line?

I decided this after wearing wigs most weekends. For me wigs are magical! I used them in videos and on weekends when I was out and about to immediately change my style or look with minimal effort. You can have pink, purple, grey or multicoloured hair for a day! My friends know me for arriving to parties with different hair all the time - and I wanted to share this with others. I had also done so much research and found synthetic wigs that were high quality, which was hard, so I wanted to save other people the trail and errors I went through and to have a wig range that was ready to wear and had no risk of being poor quality on arrival (I spent a lot on wigs that were disappointing when they turned up)

Why hand the range over to Castway Beauty?

Well, although the wigs are still literately hand approved by me, I needed a bigger, dedicated team to make sure dispatch and customer service was 5 star, If you're like me, you're last minute! and I wanted to provide next day delivery and better international delivery for customers. Also I want my CCClarke wig line to be part of a bigger store, when you can get other essentials for a big event or weekend all in the same place - and CastawayBeauty is exactly my vibe!

What's next for the CCClarke empire?

Music!... Music has always been my passion and i'm so luck to be bringing out my single 'A Little More' in June 2018. This and a few other songs I have been working on for years and i'm so excited to share this with the world and just have my own song out there. 

Who is CCClarke's husband? We heard you were married?

Yes, my husband is Buzzy, we've been married for nearly 6 years now and he's supported me on everything, If you follow my Youtube or videos, you'll no doubt see him on trips and at various events with me - the perfect Instagram husband!

Is this rude? Dare we ask CCClarke's age?

I'm 26. I've been working on my content and music since I was a teenager though!

What's the most viral content you've had?

In the early days it was the 'Kylie Jenner Challenge' or shot glass challenge - I was suddenly seeing my lips all over the internet - very weird! Recently however, it was the 'Cat Lipstick' on my Instagram, the lipstick had a cat moulded into the actual lipstick (I love cats!) and that video got millions of views also! 



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