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We occasionally get messages from alopecia sufferers about our wigs, wearing our wigs and any advice we have. So we've teamed up with Jade who has alopecia and runs a advice blog and Instagram page to give her views, tips and tutorials. If you suffer with alopecia and have any other questions, please feel free to as our team by email at Jade's thoughts are in the guest blog below:

My name is Jade and I have suffered with alopecia for the last 10 years. I have owned many different types of wigs from synthetic to human hair, different styles and tried a variety of different cap types. It wasn’t until I found Castaway that I finally relaxed more when wearing my wigs and was able to really ‘let my hair down’ – excuse the pun!

There so many different types of wigs on the market these days and when you suffer with alopecia you are looking for more than just a ‘fashion wig’ as you want to make sure you have full coverage on your head and that you can disguise your patches/baldness without feeling self-conscious.

Castaway wig bag

Below are some FAQs and top tips for wearing a wig with alopecia:

Do you wear a wig cap?

The answer is no; however it is purely down to personal preference. I don’t like to wear a wig cap as I find that they sometimes give me a headache and my head just gets far too hot with the wig on top too. The only time I would wear one would be when I am exercising in my wig so that it doesn’t get too sweaty and smelly. Wig washing is quite a task and no one wants to be doing that more times than they need to!

My TOP TIP for making the hair line of your wig look as natural as possible is PLUCK PLUCK TRIM!! Whenever I get a new lace front wig I pluck the hairline with tweezers (a lot) and trim the hair a little around the face to give the effect of having baby hairs. It is amazing the difference that doing this makes and it gives me so much more confidence as I am not worried about the hairline being on show! Head over to my social media accounts for a tutorial on how I do this.

Do the clips hurt your head or do you remove them?

The truth is that it really depends on the wig when I receive it. The clips from Castaway as positioned so well in the cap that I don’t have to remove them as I hardly notice them on my head at all. But if you are a whizz with a needle and thread you can also remove them and fit them to the bottom of your wig under an elastic band if you want to feel more comfortable – pictures of this are over on my Instagram too!

Wide toothed combs prolong the life of your wigs – they are not expensive to buy and can give your wig a bit of life for an extra few months, what could be better?

Living with alopecia is a stressful and emotional journey at times and crossing that boundary from just trying to disguise your patches to having to wear wigs all the time can be a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect. I know that feeling oh too well! But, a few years down the line I am happier than ever and love being able to change up my look every day! There are so many beautiful wigs available to us now and the hair loss community on social media are so supportive!. If anyone has any questions or is looking for a bit of advice please feel free to contact me, I wish there was as much awareness about alopecia back when I was losing my hair so I am more than happy to help!

It may sound strange but enjoy your alopecia, have fun switching up your hair with the amazing styles that Castaway offer, like the ones I am wearing below. You can wake up in the morning and be anyone you want to be. Own that wig, own yourself and OWN YOUR ALOPEICA!!

Jade has also made a video tutorials on wearing wigs and reviews on her Youtube channel HERE and her Instagram page HERE

Jade x                   
Life on a Strand


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